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Ye Olde Nightmare Shoppe

Originally published under J.D. McNamara

Brainpan Drippings: And Other Such Samples

Somewhere in Maryland there is a skull. And inside this skull there are housed all the possible Endings to pull the final curtain down on Earth and all its inhabitants.
These “alternative apocalypses,” as so-called by the government men tasked with preventing The End, are eccentric in form and chilling in implication. Twelve tales of the weird and peculiar greet those who wade through these uncharted waters. Included is the low fantasy-tinged “The Wretched Imp,” the tale of a most unfortunate intellect trapped inside the brain of a mentally unhinged cretin, and the dreadful knowledge that fractured mind holds; “The White Bull,” about the fall of the Wynvisteiners, as their king plunges his household into madness in hopes of appeasing the insatiable Pet of the Gods; and “Yo’K and Cth’Gorick,” the story of a one-eyed prisoner-of-war and his journey through the dark bowels of an unearthly monastery jutting out of the Black Ocean.
These and others await those who take the dive into the mind of J.D. McNamara. So, come on now; buy the ticket, the show is about to begin.

The Shop: List
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